Hebcooler EPS Cups and Tubs

Hebcooler EPS Cups and Tubs

Since 1960, Hebcooler has grown from humble roots to a household brand with a national footprint. Hebcooler has steadily built up a reputation as the market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of EPS cup and tub related products. This reputation has been specifically built upon three major factors, namely; high quality and reliability of product, price competitiveness, and extensive national reach through its network of distributors throughout South Africa.


Manufacturers of EPS Cups.


Manufacturers of EPS tubs.

Paper Wrapped Cups

Manufacturers of paper wrapped cups.


Suppliers of lids to fit our range of EPS cups and tubs.

Advantages of EPS Cups and Tubs

Despite opposition from a variety of alternative drinking cups and food tubs such as paper cups and plastic ware, EPS cups and tubs have stood the test of time. This may be largely attributed to the following:


Keeps both hot and cold drinks at optimum serving temperature for much longer than any other medium. No more burned hands and ‘double-cupping’!

Energy Efficient

In times of ongoing energy crises, the EPS cup requires 17 – 20 times LESS electricity in the production process. Indeed, the production of the paper cup uses 10 times the amount of steam and produces 300 times the volume of waste water, which contains 40 times more contaminants than that of EPS cups.

Low Cost

Due to the fact that EPS requires significantly less raw material input, less labour and production costs, makes these cups and tubs highly cost-efficient.


The application of steam in the production process effectively sterilizes the product as well as making the EPS cup highly resistant to fats, salts, acid, fungi and other micro-organisms.


EPS cups are fully recyclable with no CFC’s, which badly damage the atmosphere, used in the production of EPS.


In order to meet the growing demand for ‘take-out’ eating, Hebcooler has recently completed major expansion plans for its Cup and Tub Division, and can now produce the entire range of EPS cups and tubs:

Product Description Case Packing
175ml EPS Cup 1000
250ml EPS Cup 1000
350ml EPS Cup 500
125ml EPS Tub 1000
250ml EPS Tub 500
350ml EPS Tub 500
500ml EPS Tub 500

Hebcooler Cups are manufactured from EPS, and come in a range of volumes and sizes.

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