Sandwich Panels

Isowall Sandwich Panels

Isowall is the world’s leading composite panel – manufactured in over 30 countries.

Isowall is a versatile, economical, aesthetic and waterproof composite insulating system suitable for external wall and roof structures, or where precise controlled temperature conditions are required.

The Isowall structural composite panel consists of a core of thermally efficient insulation material sandwiched between two outer pre-stressed skins and bonded to them. This gives the panel its impressive strength characteristics. Various facing materials and finishes are available.

Construction methods utilising Isowall panels are well proven and offer an efficient and cost effective building system. The insulation properties make the panel ideally suited to freezer, cold and chill applications, whilst the hygienic properties of food safe finishes give the panel a clear advantage in food and clean work areas.

Panels are manufactured on a continuous laminating machine to exacting dimensional tolerances and flatness. Standard panel width is 1200mm although a range of sizes and thicknesses are available. The maximum length is limited to transport and handling restrictions only.


The Isowall Sandwich Panels are installed by Isoprojects – the Group’s contracting and installation division.

Doors, Windows and Bending

Insulated doors, aluminium windows and panel accessories are made in-house.

Light Engineering

Accessories for panel installation, such as, a wide range of flashings, goal posts, crash barriers and door thresholds are produced in-house.


Isostick consists of an Isolite EPS core which is then laminated to a rigid facing (gypsum board, masonite etc).

Drawing Office

The Group has a drawing office with an experienced team of draftsmen that use the-state-of-the-art technology to produce architectural and 3D drawings.

Advantages of the Isowall System:

Some advantages include. Thermal efficiency and strength, vapour barrier, flexibility, ease of use, Isowall design service, cost effective and a variety of facings and core materials.

Core Materials

Rock Wool Core Panel

Rockwool: this is a non-combustible material used where a fire rating of up to 120 minutes in accordance with SANS10177

Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Core Panel

Polyisocyanurate: the excellent thermal conductivity of this material enables the use of thinner panels and is mostly used where there is space constraints

Expanded Polystyrene Core Panel

Expanded Polystyrene: fire retardant polystyrene is economical, versatile and the most commonly used insulation core

Polyphen cored panel

Phenolic foam: a rigid thermal insulation foam, which combines the best properties of EPS and phenolic foam to produce a fire-resistant form of insulation. Phenolic foam provides outstanding thermal performance with its high R-value insulation and provides a certified 30 minutes fire rating in accordance with SANS 10177

Selected by architects, consulting engineers and building contractors in almost every country on earth, Isowall consistently gives superb service.


The Inta-Lock Joint

Isowall’s Inta-Lock panel joint is the most efficient
connecting system available.
It combines the strength of a metal to metal join with
the insulation properties of a snug core to core fit. This
ensures that the thermal properties of the panel are
uniform throughout the wall construction.

Face Profiles

The Isowall panel is supplied with a range of face
profile options as shown. Typically the Micro Rib finish
is specified on panel utilised in external cladding. Any
combination of profiles can be selected, however, the
Micro Rib finish can only be done to one facing of a
panel, with the other facing being any of the other 5
profiles. The DPR roof panel is used for external roofing.
An integrated tongue is included for panels 100 mm thick
and above to add to the ease of installation and enhance
the core to core connection.

Download our Datasheet here with includes technical considerations.

Specify Isowall and you will be building with the finest, most extensively tested and proved structural insulated panel system in the world.



A substrate of hot dipped galvanised coated steel or aluminium zinc coated steel giving excellent corrosion resistance is used. Steel facings are generally available in 0.5, 0.55, 0.6 and 0.7mm thickness.

Anti Static White Food safe PVC Laminate
Generally a 120 micron thick coating of PVC film. Finish is chemically inert, stain and mould resistant, suitable for continuous contact with foodstuffs. Colours other than white may be available on request.

A 10 micron grey apoxy finish used predominantly for unseen surfaces. Can be painted or bonded with appropriate adhesives.

Architectural Polyester
Suitable for external use. A 25 micron coloured paint finish.

Download our Datasheet to view ArcelorMittal Standard colour range

Panel Handling and Care

Incorrect panel handling and care can be costly. Please see our data sheet for recommended handling and care considerations.

The Largest Panel Producer in South Africa

Isowall Sandwich Panels are structural insulated panels, used in the building of insulated structures such as cold rooms, classrooms, distribution centers, freezers and abattoirs. The Group is the largest insulated panel producer in South Africa, manufacturing some 300 000m2 of Isowall Sandwich Panel per year. Operating from premises in Pretoria of 50 000m2 and using a continuous laminating line with multi-core (EPS, Rockwool, phenolic foam and PIR) and DPR roof panel manufacturing capability, the Group has been able to provide the African market with reliable insulation for over 40 years

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