Block Moulded EPS

Block Moulded EPS

The Isowall Group has been manufacturing and distributing Isolite Block Moulded EPS since 1985. Isolite Block Moulded EPS products are used primarily for insulation. EPS blocks are cut on order using a variety of machines and delivered to customers with a fleet of Group owned delivery vehicles.

Advantages of EPS Sheets and Blocks

Excellent quality and repeatability of design

Any 2D shape - if you can draw it on paper, we can cut it

Used for large volume standard sized sheets for insulation

Ideal for low volume packaging pieces where mould costs are not warranted

Examples and Usage of EPS Sheets and Blocks

Sheets can be cut to exact specifications and are used for insulation and packaging. Shapes of any kind can be cut and reproduced exactly. They are used for architectural purposes as well as adverts and displays.

Lagging of any specified diameter can be cut for insulation of pipes and tanks. While manufactured packaging can be produced by cutting and gluing for low volume items.

Full Blocks

5000mm X 1230mm X 1040mm – Available in 15DV, 20DV & 24DV

5000mm X 1200mm X 1020mm – Available in X-Grade material

3000mm X 1220mm X 630mm – Available in 15DV, 20DV, 24DV, 30DV & 40DV

Cut sheets

Generally speaking, we cut sheets into the following dimensions (or as per specification):

2500mm X 1220mm or 3000mm X 1220mm or 5000mm X 1220mm

Thickness can cut from 10mm – 1000mm

Beads and Regrind

Virgin Beads packed in 5KG bags.

Regrind material packed in 5KG bags.

Profile Cutting

We can cut 2D type profile items – ‘If you can draw it we can cut it!’

Decking Blocks

100% recycled material

900mm x 560mm x 180mm

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