Health and Safety Policy

The Group’s Health and Safety Policy is to ensure sound health and safety practices are applied consistently and comprehensively to all activities, and at all levels of the Group. It is our goal in terms of this policy to reduce work related injuries, the spread of any infectious disease at the workplace, and to provide a safe working environment. The Group sets goals and adheres to the regulations as prescribed by South African law.

Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Management Systems has been certified with ISO14001:2015. The sustainability of the environment is of utmost importance, and thus operating in a sustainable, forward-looking fashion is imperative to ensure our strategic vision. Sustainability is entrenched into our daily practices and consistently encouraged throughout the Group.


SHEQ National CERT has certified our Quality Management System as complying with ISO9001:2015. Quality is an integral part of the Group’s mission and values. We strive to provide customer satisfaction by ensuring that all our clients’ needs and expectations are catered for. Quality management systems enable us to deliver on our mission statement and uphold our integral values. Through the Group’s training centre, we provide our workers with the necessary knowledge and know-how to empower them to always think and act in a manner that ensures we always deliver on quality goods and services, which are value-for-money.

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