Why Install PVC Strip Curtains in Cold Rooms

Why Install PVC Strip Curtains in Cold Rooms

Cold room PVC strip curtains, also known as industrial freezer curtains or polar curtains, are designed to withstand extremely low temperatures, therefore increasing the efficiency of climate-controlled rooms such as freezers, refrigerating units, and cold storage rooms.

They are an ideal application for extremely low-temperature conditions and can resist a wide range of temperatures ranging from +0°C to -40°C!  It is no wonder then that industrial freezer curtains are a popular choice for refrigeration, cold storage facilities and warehouses, and refrigerated trucks.

Made of special cold-resistant and softening agents to keep the strips flexible, the PVC strip curtains do not break or deform once installed and in use.

They are not only economical and easy to access compared to cold room door systems, providing good visibility due to strip transparency, but they also act as a protective barrier to prevent dust, pollutants, insects and noise from entering the cold unit.

The Isowall Group’s Light Engineering Department specialises in accessories for panel installation, such as, a wide range of flashings, goal posts, crash barriers and door thresholds are produced in-house. A wide range of welded goods for internal use or client’s specification are capable of being manufactured.

PVC strip curtains are a great insulating material for walk-in cold rooms and coolers due to its energy-efficient thermal properties, helping maintain the cold temperatures while passengers or vehicles access and move throughout the room.

The curtains help prevent the loss of cold air and subsequent energy transfer that affects cold storage performance whenever the cold room is opened or accessed.

As a result, the economic yet durable cold room strip curtains can successfully eliminate cold loss transfer, and dramatically increase the shelf life of cold stored goods, which in turn avoids major product spoils and improves the overall efficiency of cold storage rooms.

In conclusion, PVC strip curtains represent an ideal cost-effective and energy-efficient insulation application for cold storage rooms, cold warehouses, freezers and refrigeration units.

Isowall sells strip curtains in its stores to the general public, along with the fixing materials, bolts, nuts and specially designed mounting brackets needed to install the curtains. We also install the curtains on job request.


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