Improve Insulation Performance in Cold Rooms

Improve Insulation Performance in Cold Rooms

Cold rooms used for storage need that extra insulation, sealing and cooling to maintain the perfect temperature and airflow balance. Consider the following tips to optimise your refrigerated warehouse, industrial freezer or cold storage unit.

Install PVC strip curtains

Adding PVC strip curtains to your refrigerated room is a cost-effective and energy-efficient application, particularly useful for walk-in cold rooms and warehouses that require efficient passenger and vehicle access. PVC curtains can be installed even in extremely low-temperature environments with temperatures going as far as -40°C.

If the cold storage space has multiple cold rooms, PVC curtains help prevent the loss of cool air and limit the energy transfer whenever a cold room is accessed. The energy-efficient thermal properties of PVC curtains contribute to the increase in the shelf life of the goods in storage and improves the overall performance of the cold room.

Another reason for installing PVC curtains is to provide a protective barrier to prevent dust and other pollutants, including noise, from entering the cold unit. The transparent PVC strips are flexible and offer excellent entry visibility inside the cold rooms.

The Isowall Group’s Light Engineering Department specialises in accessories for panel installation, such as, a wide range of flashings, goal posts, crash barriers and door thresholds are produced in-house. A wide range of welded goods for internal use or client’s specification are capable of being manufactured.

Consider traffic door systems 

Traffic door systems in cold rooms enforce access through demarcated cold areas and generally protect the insulation system from moving pedestrians and vehicles. The enforced door system is also critical to protect the doors against physical damage, heavy machinery and exterior interferences, particularly weather conditions and temperature variations for exterior doors.

Install traffic door system to preserve any insulation work in the cold rooms and maintain a self-contained cold environment. We recommend installing traffic door systems in high traffic cold storage units and warehouses, especially when storing perishable goods and other highly sensitive commodities.

Isowall manufactures, distributes and installs traffic door systems, bollards, crash barriers and goalposts for cold rooms, refrigerator units, freezers and warehouses. We also distribute and install PVC curtains.

Isowall is the supplier of choice within Africa for Insulated Sandwich Panel, EPS and EPP products. Contact us for more information.


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