The Industrial Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains

The Industrial Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains are an economical solution to create portioning in industrial workplaces, factories, warehouses and storage areas, as well as cold rooms and freezers. In this blog, we look at the advantages of installing PVC strip curtains for industrial purposes.

They are cost-effective barriers

Transparent strips formulated from a PVC compound are designed to combine flexibility, strength and high clarity to offer easy access to vehicles and pedestrians.

The UV-treated strips allow natural light to filter in, without discolouring, which reduces lighting requirements in the threshold area.

The PVC strips are also easy to maintain because of the individual fastening system, which makes the replacement of damaged strips possible without having to dismantle the entire curtain – an easy and cost-effective process.

They improve energy conservation

Strip curtains are easier to use and more efficient than traditional doors that need opening and closing, which saves energy and time when transporting equipment – an important factor in industrial workplaces.

For freezer units and cold rooms, the strip curtains offer better energy and temperature control, minimising wasted energy in extra cooling or extra heating. Moreover, the transparent material can withstand temperatures from +60°C to -45°C!

They help reduce pollution and noise levels

PVC strip curtains keep areas clean by reducing the amount of dust and pollution in the area. They can also help manage noise levels by creating partitionings in noisy workspaces, which contributes to an improved working environment.

Furthermore, strip curtains act as a protective barrier against sparks, splashes, and nature’s common building intruders like insects, rodents and birds. This versatility makes them popular in many industrial workplaces.

Isowall sells strip curtains in its stores to the general public, along with the fixing materials, bolts, nuts and specially designed mounting brackets needed to install the curtains. We also install the curtains on job request.


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