The Industrial Applications of Traffic Bollards

The Industrial Applications of Traffic Bollards

Traffic bollards are installed in high traffic areas to safeguard people from injury, protect assets and infrastructure against contact damage, and minimise work-related accidents. In this post, we look at the main industrial applications of traffic bollards.

Warehouse Safety

Generally, traffic bollards safeguard pedestrians in high traffic areas and also protect active workers and operators in situations where they may not immediately see ongoing traffic while engaged in work or when taking a break.

Similarly, bollard lining or bollard fencing located in busy working environments such as industrial warehouses are installed to protect pedestrians against injury caused by moving vehicles and heavy machinery such as forklift and delivery trucks.

Equipment Protection

Expensive industrial equipment, such as robotics and automation critical to plant operations, needs to be protected from ongoing vehicle traffic to eliminate or reduce downtime caused by structural damage.

Bollard lining or fencing is a great solution to restrict access for workers and vehicle traffic around important equipment and plant assets. Furthermore, it can also prevent unauthorised staff from entering dangerous equipment areas.

The Isowall Group’s Light Engineering Department specialises in accessories for panel installation, such as, a wide range of flashings, goal posts, crash barriers and door thresholds are produced in-house. A wide range of welded goods for internal use or client’s specification are capable of being manufactured.

Loading Docks

Loading docks represent areas prone to damage caused by heavy traffic due to the constant movement of large and heavy delivery trucks. These areas require strong protection against vehicle movement.

Bollards can be very effective in protecting loading ramps and bay doors affected by repeated low-speed but heavy vehicle impact. Similarly, bollards placed in doorways designed for vehicle traffic can avoid damage to the interior walls.

Pallet Racks

Forklifts regularly loading and unloading product on pallet racks can cause immediate damage that compromises the load integrity and structural support of the entire rack systems.

Bollard lining or fencing placed strategically prevent this issue by adding extra cushioning especially on the corners where the impact can shift the rack structure out of its place.


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