New Ways to Decorate with Dado Rails

New Ways to Decorate with Dado Rails

Dado rails, horizontal interior moldings, once served multiple purposes but are now largely considered obsolete. However, they still offer practicality and numerous aesthetic advantages.

Choose Practical and Economical Design

In the past, people used the area below dado rails to hide dirt and rising damp stains, as well as to shield walls from chair impacts. This is why they were often called chair rails. Although the chair rail era has passed, dado rails still add a decorative touch. If you seek fresh decorating ideas, dado rails offer an affordable means to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any room.

Tip: When dealing with heavy or rough traffic areas, especially those featuring wainscoting or tiling up to a specific height, think about using dado rails. Isowood’s designs enable you to hide electrical wiring behind the skirting boards, providing an effective concealment solution.

Isowood produce extruded skirting boards and dado rails, which come in standard 3 meter lengths, for the built environment market. Isowood products have a ‘wood like’ appearance and pose as a viable alternative to hardwood. Isowood is manufactured to a finished shape and colour; therefore, avoiding the use of chemically based stains, paints and solvents – which are typically used to treat hardwood products.

Make a Bold Aesthetic Impact

Dado rails primarily serve aesthetic purposes and you can achieve striking visual effects by using various colors and decor above and below them. They come in different widths and styles, ranging from simple to intricate, including classical and modern designs.

Strategically place these rails at heights between 750mm and 1500mm from the floor, significantly enhancing the room’s dramatic appeal. Further amplify this effect with wallpaper and contrasting or harmonizing paint on separate wall sections.

Tip: Choose a higher dado rails installation for a bolder look, and consider a seamless installation that allows dado rails to continue uninterrupted across a wall. Isowood’s extruded dado rails come in standard 3-metre lengths for the built environment market.

Choose a Green-Friendly Alternative

Our Dado Rails come in various materials such as timber, MDF, PVC, rubber, or aluminum, chosen based on strength and design needs. They’re crafted from extruded EPS, offering an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood. Unlike hardwood, which often requires chemical treatments, these versatile EPS dado rails are manufactured in different styles and colors without the need for chemical stains, paints, or solvents.

Tip: Choose dado rails designs that are extremely durable, waterproof, wiring-friendly, easy to install, and preferably recyclable.

Isowood produces extruded skirting boards and dado rails to a finished shape, colour and style. Click here to find out more about our dado rails.


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