3 Advantages: Isocornice Decorative Cornice Range

3 Advantages: Isocornice Decorative Cornice Range

Traditionally, cornices and mouldings were made from wood or plaster, but nowadays, polystyrene is becoming the preferred choice due to being more cost-effective and easier to install than its wood alternative. Here are more benefits of polystyrene cornices also found in our Isocornice decorative range.

1. Easy to Install (DIY)

The installation of polystyrene cornices is an easy and simple process, particularly because polystyrene is lightweight, which means it becomes easier to transport, handle, cut and glue in place.

Isocornice is a DIY product that is easy to install, and it is flexible enough to cover even the most difficult and uneven wall and ceiling surfaces. Click here for a short guide to install Isocornice.

Isowood produce extruded skirting boards and dado rails, which come in standard 3 meter lengths, for the built environment market. Isowood products have a ‘wood like’ appearance and pose as a viable alternative to hardwood. Isowood is manufactured to a finished shape and colour; therefore, avoiding the use of chemically based stains, paints and solvents – which are typically used to treat hardwood products.

2. Versatile Decoration

Polystyrene cornices are suitable for any ceiling system, irrespective of the materials used. They are quicker and easier to colour-customise as desired by spray-painting or directly applying water-based paint onto the surface, whereas wood needs undercoat treatment.

Polystyrene cornices are installed using special adhesive glue that works on various surfaces, including concrete, wood, granite, marble or tile. This makes the polystyrene a more versatile option for cornices, suitable for different applications.

Isowall has also developed its special bonding glue, Isoglue. We recommend Isoglue for best results with the Isocornice range. Click here to learn more about Isoglue.

3. Highly Resistant to Damage

Polystyrene cornices provide excellent thermal insulation, durability and resistance to humidity and water damage, which makes them ideal for applications in wet areas such as kitchen, bathrooms, or basements.

The material is flexible and holds its shape and form, and does not dent or chip easily on impact. Due to the inert properties of the material, it is also resistant to damage caused by household pests, such as termites and moulds, which affect wood and other materials.

In conclusion, polystyrene cornices are an inexpensive and durable way to bring value and beauty to any residential and commercial buildings, saving labour costs in the process.

Isowall produces Isocornice, our range of decorative cornices made from expanded polystyrene. Choose from a range of options to fit every budget, from basic to lavish, and from traditional to modern styles. Use with Isoglue for best results.


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