What are EPS Void Formers and Fillers?

What are EPS Void Formers and Fillers?

Void formers are used extensively throughout the civil engineering profession to reduce the dead-weight of a variety of structures for major works such as motorways, underpasses, shopping centres, foundations and embankments.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a commonly used and suitable material for void formers, which are in fact openings and voids that appear within concrete structures in the building process. Simply put, void formers reduce the weight of the structure by reducing lateral forces.

EPS has a high compression strength per cubic foot, which makes it possible to build a foundation design that reduces pressure on soil without causing settlement and movement.

The lightweight properties of EPS provide the required load bearing foundations in construction as a cost-effective solution and alternative to the heavy piled traditional scenario. Alternatively, EPS void formers can be used for temporary applications as part of a formwork system.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) manufactured by the Isowall Group is fast becoming recognized as the insulation material of choice by specifiers of “Bills of Quantities”. This comes largely as a result of our technical knowledge backed up by years of experience in the building and construction industry.

Aside from being lightweight and easy to handle, EPS void fillers maintain all the properties of expanded polystyrene in providing a high degree of insulation and flame retardant capabilities.

Furthermore, EPS void fillers can be manufactured in standard sheet sizes or blocks and can be profiled to the installer’s exact requirements, with the desired compressive strength that meets the loading requirement of the application.

The shape, size and profile can be manufactured with relatively short lead times, adding to its efficiency and cost-effective installation.

In conclusion, EPS is ideal for a variety of void filling and forming applications to shape and position any openings to reduce the weight of concrete structures and ensure the proper insulation and safety of the load-bearing system.

The Isowall Group has been manufacturing and distributing Isolite block moulded EPS since 1985, and shape moulded EPS since 1991. Isolite EPS products are used primarily for insulation, lightweight fillers and semi-rigid cushioning.


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