The Advantages of Acoustic Mineral Fibre Panels

The Advantages of Acoustic Mineral Fibre Panels

Acoustic or sound absorption sandwich panels are used for insulation in places where excess noise can be a problem, mainly business offices, factories, airports, libraries, auditoriums, but also many other commercial and residential enclosed spaces.

Isowall Group also manufactures sandwich panels with acoustic properties, using Rockwool core material, also known as stone wool or mineral wool. Let’s have a look at some of the main benefits of installing these acoustic panels.

Protection from Unwanted Noise

It is well-known that protection from unwanted noise can have a positive effect on our well-being, learning capacity and social behaviour. Cutting out unwanted noise helps to reduce stress levels, and leads to a more welcoming, relaxing and pleasant environment.

The mineral fibre foam or wool in acoustic panels absorbs sound waves, quickly dissipating and eliminating the noise, and acting as reverberation control in noisy enclosed areas.

Rockwool panels are high-density, a fact that makes them extremely resistant to airflow and excellent at noise reduction and sound absorption.

Specifiers who include Isowall in their design brief can be confident that they have chosen the most extensively tested and proven panel system in the marketplace. All enquiries will be dealt with by our experienced and friendly staff who will give you prompt and courteous service.

Improved Acoustic Quality

Absorption panels not only reduce noise levels, but they can also make sounds and speech clearer in office, boardrooms, lecture rooms, and any performance venues where intelligibility and sound clarity is important.

Improving acoustic quality is also an advantageous factor for retail and restaurant owners, as well as beauty therapists, artists and musicians.

Better Workplace Productivity and Safety

Installing acoustic panels as an insulation option that cancels excess noise also leads to greater productivity in the workplace, eliminating distractions and making communication easier and clearer.

Reducing noise to safe levels also benefits factories, workshops, and spaces with noisy equipment in general.


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