The Health and Safety Properties of EPS Panels During Building

The Health and Safety Properties of EPS Panels During Building

Health and safety records are a top priority in the building industry. Builders evaluate various insulating materials according to technical specifications, but also environmental impact and overall health and safety requirements.

Used extensively as an insulator in the building industry, expanded polystyrene (EPS) does not present a risk to health and safety during building, demolition and renovation, according to research by the Expanded Polystyrene Association of Southern Africa (EPSASA).

From production to handling and recycling, EPS is safe to use during all stages of its lifecycle, and the ideal insulating material choice in the building environment. While there are many other material options to choose from to insulate buildings, not all materials promote durability, safety and good health in the building phase.

Dust and Fibres 

In the building stage, handling certain materials can prove difficult and harmful when coming into direct contact with specific substances. Sawing and cutting can lead to skin and eyes irritations, as well as respiratory problems.

With EPS panel handling, there are no toxic effects and no adverse effects on health. Choosing safer insulation materials, such as EPS, reduces health-related risks to workers.

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Toxicity and Radiation

EPS does not contain radon or cause any radon emissions, based on extensive scientific research. Therefore, it is safe and easy to work with EPS panelling due to its lightweight and non-toxic properties. No specific protective equipment is necessary when handling EPS, which can be an advantage specifically on construction sites where sometimes builders tend to overlook health and safety rules.

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