Structural Thermal Insulation for Safer and Healthier Building

Structural Thermal Insulation for Safer and Healthier Building

Aside from thermal and energy efficiency, insulated panels can contribute towards a healthier, safer and environmentally-conscious building process. Here are some important benefits of cost-effective structural thermal insulation in construction.

Sustainable Renovation

Structural thermal insulation supports the strength and durability of the building structure and can contribute significantly to the rectification of structural damages through the implementation of sustainable practices. It can be used to enhance the design and aesthetics of building facades, mixing practicality and performance with sustainability.

Hygienic Insulation

Structural insulation has become a necessary aspect of constructions and renovations to prevent building damage resulting from the formation of moisture on the inside of external building components. Depending on the type of insulation, it is also effective in preventing the build-up of mould, which can be a contributing factor in building damage and health risks.

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Economical Comfort

Structural thermal insulation adds a feeling of comfort inside the building, achieved through the maintenance of constant temperature, air and even noise control if desired. It contributes to less energy consumption in all seasons, facilitating a reduction in heating and cooling costs, and guaranteeing comfort in the most economical way possible.

Green Practices

Structural thermal insulation can also support the preservation of resources and reduces the usual burden placed on the environment with construction. For example, some specific insulating components, such as our expanded polystyrene (EPS) sandwich panels, Isopanels, use 100% recyclable and non-toxic EPS.

However, keep in mind that not all thermal insulation components may be completely recyclable or made from recyclable parts, as the structure of the panel largely depends on its final application and desired performance.

Choosing sustainable panel systems is essential to contribute to an environmentally-friendly building process and achieve green building ratings.

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