Rockwool, the Stone Wool Panel System

Rockwool, also known as stone wool or mineral wool, is used as a core material in sandwich panels to provide superior thermal insulation, fire protection and sound absorption.

Due to a dense combination of rock strength with insulation wool, Rockwool is dimensionally stable and suitable for flat, smooth and functional sandwich panels with a wide range of applications, from floor to ceiling panelling. Below we cover its main properties.

Sound Insulation

The unique non-directional structure of Rockwool stone wool insulation is denser than traditional insulation products, which translates into better sound and noise absorption.

The material helps to minimise airflow, which contributes to the reduction of sound transmission and propagation of noise through the panel.

The Isowall structural composite panel consists of a core of thermally efficient insulation material sandwiched between two outer pre-stressed skins and bonded to them. This gives the panel its impressive strength characteristics. Various facing materials and finishes are available. Rockwool is a non-combustible material used where a fire rating of up to 90 minutes is required

Fire Resistance

The Rockwool stone wool product is non-combustible, and it can withstand very high temperatures of more than 1000º C, which helps in reducing fire propagation.

The heat transmission coefficient remains constant, which maintains the stability of the core material – it does not stretch, shrink or deform when exposed to fire.

Furthermore, Rockwool does not produce or release toxic, aggressive or environmentally unfriendly substances, smoke and gases in case of fire.

Water and Chemical Resistance

Rockwool is unaffected by water and moisture. Although water repellent, the structure is vapour permeable, with an inherent drying capability and high resistance to chemicals.

Being chemically neutral, stone wool does not cause or promote corrosion. Its inorganic nature makes the core structure completely resistant to rot, mildew, mould, microorganisms and bacterial growth, thus contributing to a safer indoor environment.

The high insulating value, high heat accumulation capacity and chemical resistance makes Rockwool an excellent structural core for factory engineered flat and profiled sandwich panels suitable for outdoor and indoor applications such as facades, walls, roofs, partitions, ceilings and heavy loaded sandwich panels.


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