Hebcooler Disposable Polystyrene Cups and Tubs

Hebcooler Disposable Polystyrene Cups and Tubs

Hebcooler is an Isolite product. Isolite is the leading expanded polystyrene (EPS) manufacturer in Africa. Under the Isolite brand, Hebcooler manufactures a range of EPS Cups and Tubs.

Our Environmental Management Systems has been certified with ISO14001:2015. The sustainability of the environment is of utmost importance, and thus operating in a sustainable, forward-looking fashion is imperative to ensure our strategic vision. Sustainability is entrenched into our daily practices and consistently encouraged throughout the Group.

As of late, with the war on plastics, we would like to clear the air about our disposable cups and tubs:

Since 1960, Hebcooler has grown from humble roots to a household brand with a national footprint. Hebcooler has steadily built up a reputation as the market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of EPS cup and tub related products. This reputation has been specifically built upon three major factors, namely; high quality and reliability of product, price competitiveness, and extensive national reach through its network of distributors throughout South Africa.

EPS and the environment:

  • EPS is 100% recyclable* see bottom of page
  • Ozone friendly: there are no CFC’s, HFC’s, or HCFC’s in the Hebcooler EPS Cups and Tubs production process.
  • Reuse: The scrap from the manufacturing of Hebcooler EPS Cups and Tubs, and returned polystyrene, are used to make Isowood dado rails and skirting boards.
  • Save water: 170 times less water is used in the production of EPS cups compared to paper cups.
  • Save energy: EPS cups emerge as the most energy efficient in comparison to disposable paper cups – which require 2.75 times more energy throughout their lives than EPS cups.
  • Reduce waste on disposals: EPS accounts for less than 0.1% of the weight in municipal waste.
  • Prevent ground water from contamination: EPS products do not degrade into harmful substances; are not water soluble; do not give off any water soluble substances which could lead to the contamination of ground water.
  • Limit earth pollutants: EPS cups and tubs produce less atmospheric emissions, waterborne wastes, industrial solid waste and post-consumer waste than a LDPE or wax-coated paperboard cup. With its limited process pollutants, EPS proves to be the most environmentally friendly option for disposable cups and tubs.

*If you are conscious about your environmental impact, and would like to find a place to drop off your waste, please follow this link – http://mywaste.co.za/web/index.asp. Recycling has never been this easy – simply choose your waste material, radius and location and then go to the certified location to recycle your waste!


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