Advantages of the Isowall System

This blog will briefly outline the advantages of the Iso panelling system.

Specifiers who include Isowall in their design brief can be confident that they have chosen the most extensively tested and proven panel system in the marketplace. All enquiries will be dealt with by our experienced and friendly staff who will give you prompt and courteous service.

1) Thermal efficiency combined with strength

Isowall’s structural strength is achieved through the bonding of three separate layers of material, creating panels with an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio and saving costs by minimising the need for both steel frameworks and loadbearing foundations. Tough external skins bear most of the load, and the central insulation core provides Isowall’s excellent thermal properties. The thermal efficiency helps to reduce power consumption and ongoing operating costs.

2) A near perfect vapour barrier

The manufacturing process and jointing system of the Isowall panel creates an effective vapour seal.

3) Total flexibility

The system is modular and demountable, enabling changes to layout and extensions to be planned and carried out.

4) Ease of installation

The easy installation of Isowall systems means that very few specialist skills are required, drastically cutting down on the number of skilled tradespeople needed and cutting out expensive lifting equipment completely. Isowall employs its team of erectors who are able to install panel projects throughout Africa.

5) Isowall’s Design Service

A team of specialists are available to deal with all preliminary details before construction. Fully detailed drawings using an advanced Cad system are prepared for client approval for all projects.

6) Cost-effective

Internationally and in South Africa, Isowall systems have won approval throughout the construction industry as a cost-effective alternative to conventional building materials and techniques.

7) Variety of facings and core materials

Isowall offers different panel facings and colours that will suit your needs. Please see other data sheets for more information regarding our facing and core materials.


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