3 Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Sandwich Panels

3 Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Sandwich Panels

Cleaning sandwich panels is necessary to remove any dirt, dust and corrosive materials from the surface and restore their appearance. Here are a few things to keep in mind and avoid while cleaning and washing panels:

1. Concentrated cleaners and solvents

Wash the panels with clean water and a mild cleaning solution, such as a neutral detergent or household cleaner. Avoid harsh cleaning products containing chlorine, bleach, ammonia and concentrations higher than the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Concentrated cleaners and other solvents can cause irreparable damage to the surface of the sandwich panel, and cause oxidation in metal insulated panels. The concentration of the cleaning solution should not exceed 5%. Also, never mix cleaning products as it may cause unwanted chemical reactions and damage the panel.

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2. Abrasive cleaning tools

Certain panels are more sensitive to cleaning than others, depending on the finishes used, such as zinc, titanium and stainless steel. Remember to apply light pressure while cleaning to avoid surface damage.

Start with a wipe down and clean the surface of the panel with clean water, using a clean cotton cloth or a soft sponge or brush. Do not use scourers and abrasive brushes that could scratch or dent the surface of the panel material.

If a stain or heavy dirt is persistent, avoid rubbing the panel surface excessively in one area for a long time. Rub down in the same direction of the material grain. For removing oil or grease stains, white spirits can be quite effective – followed by a water rinse.

3. Excessive cleaning and steaming

Excessive cleaning may damage the finishing. Wipe the panel clean with a non-abrasive solution to remove any traces of dirt and dust. Wash with warm water and a mild or low concentration cleaning solution, avoiding extreme product dilution. Rinse with clean water.

High-pressure water hoses and steam cleaning can damage the panel coating if not used properly because of increasing high temperature and pressure. Keep to a minimum safe distance of 30cm and the recommended temperature under 70°C.  Pay attention to cleaning the panel joints to avoid water pooling into the joints.

Click here to follow our guide to sandwich panel handling and care.

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