What is a Ceiling Rose?

It adds glamour to a room and dresses a ceiling in rich glory. Originating in the Middle East these popular architectural decorations were traditionally placed in the centre of the room and were used to obscure the fixings used to hang a light fitting. Ceiling roses add an additional element to a space and bring charm and elegance to a room.

Ceiling roses come in many different styles from the simple to decorative, to the ornate, with leaves and flowers. When choosing a ceiling rose, make sure you choose one in the size and in proportion to the room – a small size in a hallway and a much larger size in a main reception room.

Isolite produces classy Ceiling Roses that are typically installed around a chandelier or light fitting.

Transform your bland ceilings into an exquisite work of art. Here at Isowall Group we ensure that whatever Ceiling Rose you choose brings an element of charm and elegance to a chandelier or light fitting that compliments the design of your home, leading a delicate air of elegance and grandeur into any room. The benefits of a ceiling rose are that it frames the connection and makes a feature of the light, it also is a good way to hide ugly wiring and junction boxes for ceiling lights.

Like these elegant Ceiling Roses we provide both plain and decorative, big and small Ceiling Roses that will suit any room and add that magic touch. Isolite produces classy ceiling roses and adds a unique decorative element to a room- moulding character into any ceiling.


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