Isolam Ceiling Panels

Isolam Ceiling Panels

Isolite produces Isolam Ceiling Panels comprising of 15 density, fire retardant EPS to which a layer of 125 micron, fire retardant PVC foil is laminated at a high temperature, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing product that has excellent thermal properties. Isolam is classified as a class B/B2/H&V.

Isolam insulating panels are ideal for insulating roofs, ceilings and walls whilst providing a permanent maintenance free internal surface.

Technical Information


EPS has excellent thermal properties and the thermal resistance “R” of the panels range from 1.1 for 40mm panels to 3.7 for 120mm panels. The maximum working temperature of Isolam panels is 80°C


Isolam panels have been tested by an independent testing authority and have been classified as class B / B1 / 2 / H&V. This means that from a fire safety point of view Isolam may be used in all industrial and commercial buildings as an under-roof and side cladding insulation material.


Isolam panels are non-hygroscopic and not affected by moisture.


Isolam panels are not affected by bacteria, mould or fungi and have no nutrient value for insects, birds or vermin. They will remain effective as an insulant for the life of the building.

Environmentally Friendly

Isolam panels are non-toxic and washable, making them suitable for use in food production environments.

Expanded polystyrene can be recycled in many ways and ISOLITE recycles all EPS scrap.

Product Range

Two different moulding patterns are available with standard colours being Stucco and Marble.

Isolam panels are available in thicknesses from 40mm to 120mm.

Standard lengths are 600, 1200, 2400, 3600 and 4800mm with the standard width of 1200mm.

Products Set

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