Decorative Cornice Range

Isocornice Decorative Cornice Range

Isocornice is an inexpensive way to bring value and beauty to your home and/or office space. Isocornice can add formal or casual elements; create new architectural interest; develop a sense of scale; incorporate and enhance pre-existing architectural features of any room. Choose from a range of options to fit every budget, from basic to lavish, and from traditional to modern styles.

Easy to install

Isocornice is a DIY product that is easy to install


Suitable for any ceiling system


To humidity and water making Isocornice ideal for bathrooms and kitchens


Isocornice easy to transport and install


Isocornice will hold its shape and form and will not dent or chip easily when dropped


Inexpensive, labour saving and durable

See our Data Sheet on Isocornice (installation guide on back) - for best results use Isoglue

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